vendredi 26 avril 2013

The Swamp Keeper - 28mm. - Alkemy


Here's something i finished at the beginning of the month, just before the AFM Montrouge. Some of you may have seen it at the show. As it's difficult for me to find some time to paint i prefer working on little pieces, so i can finish more pieces during the year.

Matthieu Rouèche and me did plan a little paintday together, and i had nothing on the worktable... So i quickly searched a little piece to start with him and i found this great avalonian. I prepped the piece in 10 minutes just before taking the road and moving to his place. I undercoated it in my car on a stop area as it was raining (be careful to not spray your seats!) and it was neraly dry when i arrived :) .

The next step was to find a color sheme and i really had no idea. But luckily Matthieu was painting a commission work in "night mode". It was looking great and this is something i never tried before, so let's go for the night mode!

Some hours later the piece was finished :) . I hope you like!

lundi 22 avril 2013


Hi friends,

Welcome on my new blog! Well it's basically the same as the old one... :) . Only difference is it's not the same host & adress. I moved because the new version of the administration of Overblog is very, very bad. Things are much easier here!

Bad thing is i lost all my articles... But there will be new ones :)

Cheers & happy visit!

samedi 20 avril 2013

Abyssal Warlord & Viking Warrior

I finished two projects some months ago, but couldnt find the time to share them... until now.

First one is my version of the well known Abyssal Warlord from Scale 75. It was an opportunity to try sculpting a weapon, as i never did it before. So i made a trident and i also added him a fish aileron in the back.

The colors used are a bit strange and honestly i cant remember the pots used. The paintjob didnt really turn how i expected, thats why i went very fast on the base. But in the end it's not so bad :) . No doubt i'll paint another version someday, i love this model!

The second one is my first historical complete model, a Viking Warrior from Andrea Miniatures. I like trying to paint historical minis, it's always good to try painting different things :) .


Hope you like them :)

vendredi 19 avril 2013

Little Interview on Putty & Paint

I've been recently contacted by Philip Prinz from the new website Putty & Paint to do a little interview and i felt really honoured. I did my best with my english, but thanks Philip for the corrections :) .

You can read it here: link