lundi 26 août 2013

In the Shadow

Hi friends,

I finally found the time to take pictures of something i finished one month ago, the superb Einstein bust from Figone, sculpted by Allan Carrasco.

Once again i started it during a painting session with my friend Matthieu Rouèche. I had an idea of something dark but still very colorful, with bright lenses giving the focus. I had already seen so many great versions of this bust and i didnt want to paint the classical green skin ork. So i started on something more blue. No... it's not a smurf! But in the shadow an ork would look almost blue, thats a fact (or not). Anyways i was happy with the skintones. The basic work done i added some nuances with browns/blues/greens that... you  cant see on the pictures... But yes, they are here, trust me!

You'll notice the lenses arent that bright and arent that much eye catching, as it was in my first idea. I painted them at first very bright, almort fluo, and in my opinion it was killing the work on the face of the badguy. So i muted them down and now we can see there's an ork under them :) .

It has been quite a fast painjob (20 hours with the prepping), done only with the brush and acrylics. But enough talking, here are the pics :

Hope you like him, cheers!

dimanche 11 août 2013

For Sale : Avalonian Retiary


Another oldie is up for sale on eBay, the Avalonian Retiary.

If you're interested, here's the link to the auction : LINK

More interesting updates will follow soon, stay tuned!