lundi 10 juin 2013

Blood and Sand - Scale75

After watching all the seasons of the Spartacus television serie and even if painting historical minis is new for me, i really wanted to paint a gladiator! So found this murmillo gladiator from Scale 75 and i liked the very dynamic pose, it will make the painting more interesting (where to paint the lights, etc.). It's also a miniature that hasnt been seen a lot on the internet yet.

The sculpture is good even if it's not the best. Some details are a bit strange or are missing, like the guy's nipples, but i was too lazy to resculpt them ^^. The base will be very simple as he's fighting in the arena, simply some sand. But i added a net made of twine and superglue, so we have the feeling he's fighting a retiarus, avoided the net and now charges to give the quietus.

I wanted something realistic, with desaturated colors, approaching what we can see in the tv serie. But before giving the colors used, here are the pics :

About the colours i used, i cant really tell you the mixes, proportions or the detailed process as i never write it and it would be way too long. But here are the colors i used :

Skin : Cork Brown, Tan-earth, English uniform, Burnt umber, Violet red, Burnt cadmium red, Bronzed flesh, Ivory, Scab red, Prussian blue

Reds : Burnt cadmium red, Burnt umber, Flat black, Iraqui sand, Mepthiston red

Leathers : Burnt umber, Ivory, Cork brown, Tan-earth, Scorched brown, Iraqui sand, Burnt cadmium red, Siena ink, Sepia ink 

Metallics : Boltgun metal, Chrome, Dwarf bronze, China ink, Cryx bane base, Flat black, Smoke, Tin bitz

Blood : Clear red X-27, Flat black, Scab red

Vallejo - Games Workshop - Andrea - Pébéo - P3 - Tamiya

Hope you like, cheers!