For Sale

Here is a list of the miniatures currently for sale. Contact me if interested :)

Nothing at the moment :p

3 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour,
    Je me permets de prendre contact avec vous par l'intermediaire de Dimitri (Mini socles). Puis je savoir si vous avez la possibilité de donner des cours particuliers en peinture acrylique?
    Merci pour votre reponse et bonne soiree.

  2. Good afternoon

    Can you send me your email to ask some things to painting miniatures? i dont see your mail to contact you.


  3. hi man. ^^

    i'm a poor guy with no money so i can not ask u a commission.

    but i know u liked my bad moon ork of some years ago, if u are interested in some miniatures exchanges pls write to me, it would be an honour for me.

    cya, rapaz