samedi 20 avril 2013

Abyssal Warlord & Viking Warrior

I finished two projects some months ago, but couldnt find the time to share them... until now.

First one is my version of the well known Abyssal Warlord from Scale 75. It was an opportunity to try sculpting a weapon, as i never did it before. So i made a trident and i also added him a fish aileron in the back.

The colors used are a bit strange and honestly i cant remember the pots used. The paintjob didnt really turn how i expected, thats why i went very fast on the base. But in the end it's not so bad :) . No doubt i'll paint another version someday, i love this model!

The second one is my first historical complete model, a Viking Warrior from Andrea Miniatures. I like trying to paint historical minis, it's always good to try painting different things :) .


Hope you like them :)

2 commentaires:

  1. Nice painting job on the viking, nice base.
    With such a result you have to paint historical mini !
    (I have painted this mini with a great pleasure)